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I am confident that Global Health Jobs UK will be able to help me pursue a career in global health. It is a wonderful website that is very easy to use. Thanks for making such a wonderful website

It was an absolute nightmare finding an internship in global health and I would have loved to have this sort of platform back then- it would have saved me a lot of time (and grief!).

Global Health Jobs UK is timely and important. The lack of centralised global health jobs has been a problem for our recruitment. We’ll certainly be using it as a platform from now on!

This provides the perfect opportunity for us to increase our capacity and target the professionals we’ve been looking for. Time and money saved- there is no reason not to use Global Health Jobs.

Global Health Careers Series


Time to Construct a Continuum of Care

As the world’s attention turned last year toward the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, three major actors in the field of global development used the opportunity to announce one of the most ambitious – and perhaps one of the most impactful – efforts in global health: the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative. On September 26th, 2015,

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How PrEP is changing the face of HIV

Anyone who has visited a GUM clinic in the last few years knows about Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) – the cocktail of drugs that reduce the likelihood of acquiring HIV if taken 72 hours after a possible exposure. However, new to the scene is PrEP. PrEP, which stands for ‘Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis’, is form of Truvada – a drug used

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Nursing students against bursary cuts

In the spending review on Wednesday 25th November, it was announced that NHS bursaries would be scrapped and replaced with student loans. The move towards loans will have a massive impact not only those hoping to train as nurses and other allied health professionals, but on the NHS as a whole. The motive for change is to remove

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