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I am confident that Global Health Jobs UK will be able to help me pursue a career in global health. It is a wonderful website that is very easy to use. Thanks for making such a wonderful website

It was an absolute nightmare finding an internship in global health and I would have loved to have this sort of platform back then- it would have saved me a lot of time (and grief!).

Global Health Jobs UK is timely and important. The lack of centralised global health jobs has been a problem for our recruitment. We’ll certainly be using it as a platform from now on!

This provides the perfect opportunity for us to increase our capacity and target the professionals we’ve been looking for. Time and money saved- there is no reason not to use Global Health Jobs.

Global Health Careers Series

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Getting a job with MSF

Global Health Jobs UK spoke to Geradline Wilcocks, the HR Officer for Field Projects at MSF UK about getting a job with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). What are the types of careers available at MSF? MSF of course employs doctors, nurses and midwives, but also a range of other specialties. We usually deploy international staff to

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WHO Head-Quater in Geneva, Switzerland.

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How to get an Internship in Global Health

Getting an internship in any area of work can be a challenge. For students and graduates starting out their careers it can be a great opportunity to gain experience, build skills and refine interests. With an area of work like Global Health it can be tricky to navigate your way to an internship that suits

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Companies We’ve Helped

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Policy Advocacy Officer (Tuberculosis)
Health Intern
Specialist, Health Product Management
Medical Education Volunteer
Food, Sustainable Diets, Climate Change and Public Health: Project Manager
Chief Operating Officer
Research Associate, Centre on Global Health Security
Public Heath – Poor Countries, International Development Consultancy
Communications Associate
Health and Nutrition Manager
Director of Emergency Health Programmes